SATVEN Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021 “ on Electric Vehicle

SATVEN Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021
Electric Vehicle: Development of Cutting-edge Technology

[Online] 2021.09.16(Thursday)

SATVEN, Japan has held its second webinar under the title “SATVEN Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021” on 16th Sep, 2021. The topic chosen for the second webinar is on latest and contemporary topic of “Electric Vehicle: Development of Cutting –Edge Technologies”. The Webinar was attended by Senior Leaders and Managers from automotive OEMs & Tier 1 companies from around the world. Around 60 participants spent around 100 mins. While Satven presented its approach to this latest trend in technology.

The Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021 Series is focussed on introducing the 3-Box Innovation approach to technology adopted by Satven to drive the ever changing needs and requirements in the automotive industry and will feature different topics among advanced segments including Artificial Intelligence, EV related Cutting-edge Technologies, ADAS, Digital Manufacturing, Model Based Development and more.

Satven had the honour of hosting Guest Speaker from Kagawa University, Specially Appointed Professor Tetsuro Butsuen, representing Center for Education in Graduate Studies, who lectured on EV Trends for the traction motor technology, EV History and Status-quo towards CARBON NEUTRAL, EV Platform Introduction –Skateboard Structure, EV Present & Future of the Motor. 

The second speaker, Mr. Siva Subramanian, Program Manager, talked about the Benchmarking of PHEV Battery Pack Cost Competitiveness. He went on to explain Benchmarking of PHEV Motor Cost Competitiveness & Value Propositions made in the EV domain

Following on, Mr. Ravikumar Poddili , Team Leader, CFD Team  talked about Battery Thermal Management and presented various perspectives of 1D & 3D Simulations which was well received by the participants in the Webinar. Finally, there was a lively Q&A session.

In the opening and closing remarks made by Industry Academia Coordinator Ms. Yukiko Shinozuka, Industry – Academia Coordinator, Satven, Japan who brought out the importance of organizing series of Monozukuri Innovation Webinar in connecting with automotive leadership teams  and the  communication among them will be very important to help facilitate business relationships.

Ms. Rie Nagamura, Business Development Executive, Satven, Japan has actively supported in the organising of the seminar by inviting potential participants and Japanese content preparation and management.

The next webinar of Monozukuri series is planned on Digital Manufacturing in Automotive Industry during 1st Week of Nov 2021

Commemorative photographs of the event are below:


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SATVEN Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021

SATVEN Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021
Electric Vehicle: Development of Cutting-edge Technology

[Online] 2021.09.16(Thursday)

13:00 – 14:30 JST

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The automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation and is in the midst of technological innovation centered on “CASE” (connected, automated, sharing, and electrification). In particular, vehicle electrification is a driving force for change. However, it is extremely difficult to manufacture electric vehicles that are attractive to users and profitable in a short period of time.

Satven is working with automakers to improve the performance of electric and hybrid vehicles, and to partner with various innovators outside the company to improve the performance of automobile batteries. To achieve this, engineers who have experience in the field of automobile development are working together with customers from the perspective of controlling system development through model-based development (MBD).

Aiming for industry-leading solutions, Satven wants to provide automakers and vehicle electrification supply chains with high-quality solutions that reduce development time and make changes easily applicable early in the development process.

In this webinar, we will invite Professor Tetsuro Butsuen, Director of the Graduate School of Education, Kagawa University, who is researching cutting-edge technologies such as safety prevention technology and electrification technology, to give a lecture on electric vehicles. At the same time, we will focus on EV- related matters and introduce some of our experience, know-how, and achievements at Satven. We sincerely look forward to your participation.

Webinar Date and Time: 2021-09-16  (Thursday) 13:00 ~ 14:30  JST
Deadline  Date:   2021-09- 14  (Tuesday)
■ Session 1 : Introduction
―― ” Competitive benchmarking (Japanese Vehicle) for battery pack of hybrid electric vehicle ( pHEV )”
■ Session 2: Lecture by Professor Tetsuro Butsuen, Kagawa University
Title: “EV trends for the traction motor technology”
– ” EV History and status quo  –  towards the carbon neutral”
– ” EV Platform Introduction –  skateboard structure” 
– ” EV Present and Future of the motor “
■ Session 3  : Application
— “Battery thermal management -3D and 1D simulation “
■ Session 4:  Q & A
Please apply from the ” Register Now ” box above . The personal information provided will not be used 
for any purpose other than the purpose of the webinar.
If you have any questions, please contact us at the following.
Satyam Venture Engineering Service Private Limited
Kishore Mocherla
Phone number : 082-207-3036
Email :  

Automotive Design & Engineering Conference – 2020

The 6th edition of the Conference on Automotive Design & Engineering was a virtual event organized by CII on 28th AUG 2020.

Satven was a co-sponsor for this event which had eminent people from top Indian automotive companies participate and exchange ideas about the future trends in the field. Siva Subramaniam and Muralidhar Bhat from Satven were speakers at the event.

Muralidhar had presented an the SAE paper on New Seven Speed DCT transaxle and effect of angular positioning of shaft in layout.

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SMARTechIndia 2020

ASSOCHAM, in partnership with MEIT (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology) and the DST (Department of Science & Technology), Govt of India had organized SMARTecIndia2020, a Virtual Exhibition Platform for promoting Smart Technologies used in Energy, Smart Mobility, Electric Vehicle, BFSI, Home Solutions, Fintech, Health, Education, MSMEs etc. This virtual exhibition was organized from 25th SEP 2020 to 1st OCT 2020.

This unique digital platform was a great enabler for various companies to reach out to worldwide audience from various geographies and hence expanding their outreach.

The platform had variety of options to showcase company’s products, demonstration videos, brochures, technical specification, and online chat/video interface with the prospective buyers, email/SMS facility, company branding, etc.

Satven was a Premium exhibitor at the SMARTechIndia 2020 and had the opportunity to virtually showcase the engineering solutions to prospects and delegates.

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NASSCOM Design & Engineering e-Summit – 2020

The 12th edition of NASSCOM Design & Engineering e-Summit – 2020 with the theme of ‘Re-Designing Global ER&D for the New World Order’ was conducted on 23rd & 24th SEP 2020.

The virtual summit was a unique confluence of global leaders & seasoned experts from high-end technology players, key innovators, manufacturing sector/OEMs, service providers, policy makers & eminent futurists, who came together under this mega event to dialogue and exchange ideas to create an engineering-led digital future.

In all 4,500+ attendees, 900+ unique companies, 40+ speakers, from all across the globe, the 12th edition of Design and Engineering e-summit was a grand success. Intriguing formats, insightful keynotes, disruptor bytes, spread across 4 key pillars along with interactive virtual formats, video networking, virtual partner sections, etc. sessions made it a truly remarkable summit.

Satven was a Silver Sponsor at this virtual event and had the opportunity to virtually interact with prospects and delegates on what Satven can offer to the automotive engineering world.

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Satven 20 Years Celebrations!

The journey of Satven had started in the year 2000, with a few enthusiastic and visionary people who had the sole goal in delivering engineering excellence for the automotive world.

Now in the year 2020 Satven stands with a good foot print in all major global locations with an army of 1900 associates, creating intelligent mechanical systems together with its customers.

The 20 years celebrations of Satven took off on 31st JAN 2020 at Satven Headquarters in Hyderabad and all across its offices worldwide.

On the occasion of this auspicious event, CEO Mr Rao S Vadlamudi had addressed all the associates who joined over video links from all the locations of Satven – Chennai, Detroit, Germany, Japan, China and Mexico and cakes were cut by all the teams.

The CEO spoke on the journey Satven team has gone through and thanked everyone for their valuable contribution.

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Auto Expo 2020 – ‘The Motor Show’


Auto Expo 2020 was billed as one of the world’s premier auto shows. A signature event, that witnessed the best minds coming together on a single platform to showcases all that was best in the automotive world, in terms of products, technologies, concepts and trends.

    The 2020 Auto Expo ‘The Motor Show’, was held at Greater Noida, close to New Delhi. The Motor Show was organised jointly by ACMA, CII and SIAM between 6th ~ 12th FEB 2020 in Greater Noida.
This year the show had seen several new companies from across the world, displaying their vehicles in large numbers.

As expected there was dazzling display of all varieties of vehicles like Cars, MUVs/SUVs, Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers, Special Vehicles, Concept Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses), Vintage Cars, Super Cars and Bikes, and automotive accessories and aftermarket products apart from the bold and beautiful concept vehicles.

The auto show had showcased a complex maze of technologies and solutions related to safety, emissions and sustainability. It brought forth the importance of the increasing interdependence of the industry and the environment, for the complex evolutionary cycle of the automobile industry.

    Future Mobility Experience zone had come up with the virtual reality experience of driving connected and autonomous electric vehicles on various roads to give a picture of future mobility.
This year Satven too, had setup a stall to showcase the engineering capabilities to the customers, prospects, delegates and the general public.

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ITEC 2019 Conference

SAEINDIA in association with IEEE IAS (USA), had organized the 3rd edition of ITEC (International Transportation Electrification Conference) from 17th – 19th December 2019, at Sheraton Grand, Bangalore.

The theme of ITEC INDIA 2019 – “e-Mobility Solutions for Community” is in tune with the latest trends and future challenges being faced by the Electric Vehicle community.

The conference consisted of several parallel sessions, workshops, paper presentations and symposium relating to electrification of transportation, Electric and Hybrid vehicles and Plug-in-Hybrid systems among various others areas of advanced mobility. More than 400 delegates from industry, academia, and government departments had participated in the three day event. The delegates had a chance to deliberate on the latest trends and technologies and the some of the challenges faced while developing and implementing the solutions including commercial aspects.

More than 20 papers both from India and abroad were presented during the conference.

ITEC India 2019 Expo had more than 20 exhibition booths showcasing products and technologies by automotive and allied manufacturers and service providers from several countries, especially in the area of EV technology.

Satven had setup a stall to display the Design & Engineering capabilities and to interact with the delegates during the event.

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NuGen Mobility Summit – 2019

NuGen Mobility Summit – 2019

ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) had organized NuGen Mobility Summit 2019 from 27th to 29th November, 2019 in Manesar, Haryana.

This event had helped bring together the industry, research and academic experts to share, discuss and showcase new proposals, learning, experiences technologies & innovation.

Several interesting presentations, discussions, and technology demonstrations, technology theaters, lab demonstrations and track events and touch & feel technology demonstrations were held & an exposition showcasing the current and upcoming smart and green technologies and solutions was organized highlight the challenges faced by the engineering industry in India and internationally.

The event was witnessed by over 4,000 delegates / visitors from across 15 different countries. During the 3 day conference, more than 90+ technical papers were presented, 30+ Key note addresses were delivered apart from 6 plenary sessions that were presided by eminent personalities from the auto industry. 100+ Exhibitors participated & there were more than 80 track events which included demonstration of all next generation mobility, such as Electric Vehicle, Hydrogen Powered Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle, Autonomous Vehicle etc.

Satven had setup a stall at the event which had attracted several delegates from the industry.

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SETC Japan – 2019

SETC (Small Engine Technology Conference) 2019

SETC (Small Engine Technology Conference) 2019 conference was held, during 19th to 21st November 2019, in Hiroshima, Japan.

The theme of the conference was: Small Powertrains – Innovating for their Future Role.

The product categories in focus at this conference were related to personal mobility vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and their propulsion systems like motors and engines.

Multiple Technological areas including New Energy Sources, Components and Materials were in focus at this conference. Plenary sessions, paper & poster presentations and symposium were attended by large number of delegates from industries and academia.

Contrary to the dominant belief that IC engine will soon be replaced by other forms of propulsion systems, SETC had come out with the possibility of a good future for conventional engines / vehicles. And that there is deep research underway to project IC engine technologies that are competitive to EV in terms of emissions.

Other argument that was put forth in the conference was that the emissions from EV, considering the complete cycle, consisting of battery manufacturing, energy generation and application in vehicle, are same or higher compared to IC engines.

Satven had setup a stall at the symposium which attracted many delegates who were keen to know more about the solutions Satven has to offer to the auto industry.

Satven team consisting of Mr Srivasulu Nampally and Mr Raghunath Sakray attended the SETC conference.

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