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Satven is equipped with avant-garde hardware systems to handle large & complex assemblies. Sophisticated and high-bandwidth connectivity solutions are also in place. Apart from in-house HPC resources, Satven also has secure access to customer supercomputers for exceedingly heavy-duty computations such as full vehicle crash analysis.


Satven boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure with an environment which is exceedingly favorable for engineering work. Centrally located at Hyderabad, India with spacious facility specially designed for CAD, CAM and CAE work execution. All buildings & premises are modular in nature with physical access restrictions. For large projects, Satven demarcates physical areas with the required restrictions.

Communication and Data Transfer

Reliable & high-speed communication infrastructure is vital to the success of our offshore operations. Satven has made sizeable investments in upgrading its international data, voice and video communication network to support 24 X 7 operations & provide connectivity to customers around the world.

Innovation Center

A state-of-the-art innovation lab in our Hyderabad premises helps us carry out teardown and benchmarking activities as well as different types of studies with physical products close at hand, which helps us add value every step of the way during product development cycles. In addition, Satven has alliances for activities such as scanning of components and development of prototypes. Satven has also completed full vehicle level teardown & analysis for a few Indian and North American OEMs.