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    Company Overview Company Overview


    Worked on 20+ vehicle programs for OEM customers in NA & EU

    • Designing of the parts & sub-assemblies
    • Assembly sequence & spot welding
    • Stamping feasibility, design for assembly
    • Validation of the design with CAE Support
    • Design improvements
    • Digital mockup with DMU – Space Analysis to check the interference, clearance & contact between parts
    • 3D drawings (Reduced Drawings)
    • Geometrical dimensioning & Tolerance
    • Manufacturing, installation and welding drawings
    automotive vehical simulation
    • BIW: Underbody, side frame, front-end and rear-end modules, roof
    • Closures – Doors, deck lid, bonnet
    automotive body design


    • CFD


      *External aerodynamics for drag and lift prediction *Front end/underhood ...low and underhood/under-body thermal management
    • NVH


      Panel contribution Frequency Response Analysis, including acoustics Globa... and local static & dynamic stiffness of BIW and TMB Beam-shell modeling
    • Pedestrian Protection

      Pedestrian Protection

      Frontal, side, and rear crash (various regulations) Roof Crush Pedestrian p...otection Occupant Simulation
    • Durability


      Full vehicle and Body Damage & fatigue life estimation under loads, body strength simulations per ECE-R14, FMVSS 207/210 & FMVSS 225 Shock tower & towing hook studies Door upper frame deflection & mirror vibration analysis, sag & sash rigidity analysis, over check analysis Torsional, lateral, & longitudinal stiffness analysis of lift gate and hood assemblies Oil canning, denting and slam analysis of doors, hood, & lift gate