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    Satven has broad experience in Tool Design for the automotive sector and specializes in complicated designs for stamping dies and injection molds. Satven is well versed in the design of all secondary equipment in the manufacturing process such as fixturing and automation equipment.

    We can help design tools, jigs, fixtures and molds to manufacture complex components. Well-designed tools and fixtures improve productivity, cost, safety and quality of products. Our experienced designers with vast knowledge, wide expertise in tooling standards and specifications, and tool designing help maximize these benefits, enables us to support, adhering to industry standards and practices. This has helped us develop cost effective tooling solution. This is achieved by our most practical approach and with best practices to focus on product and process innovation.

    automotive tool design

    Our portfolio of services include

    • Die Design
    • Feasibility Study
    • Simulation
    automotive Stamping Die Design
    • Mould Design
    • Tool Design
    • Core and Cavity Extraction
    • Mould Flow Analysis
    automotive Plastic Molding Design