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    “Quality” is a way of life and every Satven associate is responsible to achieve it

    Every associate at Satven believes in quality, owns quality and fervently works for quality. We know we are in a customer driven environment, customer focus / satisfaction is the key for our survival/success. We are also well aware that Quality is every customer’s MOST critical requirement with no compromises. Satyam Venture was initially certified for ISO 9001:2000 in 2002 followed by several re-certifications and upgrades to reach to current ISO 9001:2015 level. Accordingly, our quality management systems have been updated/improved to suit the changing requirements of our stakeholders... Our processes/ systems are defined and tailor made to suit automotive-specific requirements, are time tested and are proven over a period of time.

    At Satven we believe that satisfying customers by exceeding their expectations is the key to our survival & success and our Quality Management System (QMS) is built to accommodate the changing business requirements of our customers. Satven is a strong metrics-driven organization - these metrics are the key expectations of our customers and are also Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the process owners. These metrics are defined based on the SMART principle which helps in data-based decision making and can be drilled down to a granular level. Every associate in the company has a role to play for realizing these metrics. Tracking, monitoring and reviewing these metrics in management reviews is the means for realizing our quality policy.

    Everything we do at Satven revolves around our customers - customer satisfaction is the focal point of our quality policy and it is our main business MOTTO too. We obtain customer feedback for each task/project that we deliver to customers. A very unique activity carried out by Satven involves conducting yearly face-to-face customer perception surveys by a representative of the management to understand the overall satisfaction levels of the customer and for obtaining both objective & subjective feedback. Subsequently, corrective & preventive actions are put together, status is monitored on a regular basis in management reviews and updates are sent to the customer on a periodic basis on the status of various actions. Customer Satisfaction Indices (CSI) are maintained for all customers.


    Our Quality management system is designed in such a way that it can accommodate the changing requirements of customers, organization and statutory & regulatory requirements on an ongoing manner and accordingly we have been improving/updating our QMS for the last several years in line with our continual improvement initiative. Some of the main initiatives in this direction are:

    Six Sigma Implementation

    • In line with Satven’s belief in constant innovation, over the years Satven has been a pioneer in adopting several continual improvement methodologies such as DMAIC, DMADV/DFSS and LEAN. We have identified Six-Sigma as a data-driven approach and methodology, to take us to the next orbits when it comes to process excellence.
    • Associates are provided comprehensive training on Six Sigma methodologies and usage of Six Sigma tools & techniques to complete Six Sigma projects and ensure improvements

    Process Automation and Automation Tools Development

    • To improve the productivity levels of our associates/organization and to avoid repeatability & redundancy aspects of handling data, we have automated several of our processes including project Life Cycle Management

    Knowledge Management

    • Satven is providing a wide range of automotive design & engineering services to multiple customers in multiple geographies with different business models. Various project implementation experiences in terms of best practices, lessons learnt and competency enhancements are discussed in monthly retrospective meetings so that overall learning is enhanced leading to more effectiveness and efficiency.
    • To ensure easy retrieval and to maximize benefits to the customer, all non-sensitive non-proprietary knowledge are uploaded to our online information tool known as Quality Information For You (QUALIFY) with restricted access controls.