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    Occupant Safety

    Worked on 30+ programs for Tier-1 suppliers in NA, EU and APAC

    Design Scope

    • Design and development of various seat belt, pre-tensioner, and airbag systems
    • Concept design and Core engineering support
    • 3D tolerance analysis
    • GD&T development
    • Change management support
    • Value Engineering
    • Benchmarking
    • Test and assembly fixture designs
    • IMDS & REACh support


    Seat belts, height adjusters, pre-tensioners, locking devices; driver, passenger, thorax, knee and side curtain airbags



    • Airbag coverage assessment & volume calculations
    • Simulation-based airbag folding & packaging studies
    • Validation of airbag models in static deployment tests and linear impactor tests
    • Ejection mitigation (FMVSS 226) assessment for Curtain airbags
    • Calculation of housing internal pressure and generator forces, validations & test correlations.
    • Structural integrity assessment and design optimization of airbag housings.
    • IP and cover opening studies with deployment simulation (UPM & CPM approach).

    Seat belts

    • Structural integrity assessments of retractor assemblies.
    • Static strength evaluation of buckle brackets and height adjuster assembly components.
    • Modal analysis of retractor assemblies with vehicle sub-structure and dynamic stiffness calculations.
    • Frequency response analysis of retractor assemblies.
    • Mechanism analysis - Webbing pretension, locking sensor, Buckle latching, among others


    chassis design

    braking simulation