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    Tolerance is acceptable variation on a part due to manufacturing limitations or inherent variation with machine or process.

    Tolerances analysis is a study of impact of component tolerance on assembly fit and function.

    Tolerance stack analysis is not mere arithmetic calculation using a set of formulae, but it requires a complete understanding of tolerances, gd&t, manufacturing & assembly processes, product & it's function to arrive at accurate results. ...

    Satven has experience of over a decade in performing 3D tolerance analysis using tools like Vis VSA 3DCS, & CETol.etc., These tools use Monte Carlo simulation method which is like building a few thousands of digital prototypes with normal distribution for the given tolerances and with 3 sigma process capability.

    A team of ASME certified gd&t professionals are involved in performing tolerance stack analysis Successfully delivered 3D tolerance analysis in various domains like BIW, Chassis, Steering and suspension, Body Control systems, Safety Systems, Power train, Interiors, Roof systems.

    Apart from performing tolerance study at design stage we did tolerance stack study based on PPAP data to verify the impact of deviations in production on performance of the product.