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Company Overview Company Overview

Satven Vision

Creating “Intelligent Mechanical Systems” together with automotive customers through flexible business models using the 3-Box framework

Satven Values

Our core values are
  • Commitment

    Passion to fulfill every obligation
  • Innovation

    Encouraging idea generation, risk taking, experimentation & fulmination for organizational benefit
  • Integrity

    Through responsible business behavior
  • Respect for people

    Irrespective of hierarchy, gender, class, culture & country
  • Trust

    Reposing total confidence in people & in all people transactions

Code of Ethical Business Conduct

As an organization, we @ Satven are committed to strictly complying with all laws governing its operations, and to conduct its affairs in keeping with the highest level of moral, legal and ethical standards. The management of Satven has adopted the Code of Ethical Business Conduct (CEBC) as a testimony of its commitment to adhere to the standards of loyalty, honesty, integrity and to avoid any kind of conflicts of interest in its day-to-day operations. The rules and principles set forth in this code are general in nature and the compliance with the code shall be ensured to be read with other applicable company policies & procedures and the applicable laws of the land wherever the company operates. All associates are expected to respect and abide by the laid-down CEBC norms. Associates are also expected to be aware of all relevant laws and regulations involving their responsibilities and refrain from any illegal, unethical, or otherwise improper activity. When in doubt, Associates are free to seek assistance from the CEBC Governing Council and if not redressed within the specified time, then to the CORPORATE OMBUDSMAN; these bodies have been specifically set-up to ensure impartial adoption of CEBC norms across the organization.