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    Company Overview Company Overview

    Satyam Venture’s User Macro Tool helps the CAD Software users in optimizing the productivity with significant savings in time and money, using the macros, customised to automate the designs.

    Some of the Macros Include the Automation for

    • Plot creation
    • BOM creation
    • Revision History Entry
    • Format creation
    • Design templates
    • PDM-BOM comparison tool and many more…

    Format Creation :

    • Formats are Developed in CATScript
    • Formats will automatically pull the Part/Product information from 3d data and update in Drawings
    • All Sizes are contained in a single file
    • Resizing of formats is possible without losing the existing information
    • Update function will automatically update the Part/ Product meta data and Date
    • Specifications can be added interactively reducing the time and fatigue
    • Mass Will be automatically calculated

    PDM_BOM_Text_Comparison_Tool :

    • It compares the part BOM items and gives the report with matching data and non matching data between two partBOMs in PDM.

    Pressure Line Process Macro :

    • Designed an out Process macro in catvba to automate Model and drawing creation
    • Updates the Standard models and drawings with given Coordinates
    • Enters new point coordinates and part meta data in Excel sheet
    • New point data can be acquired automatically from existing models, if any
    • Can calculate pressure lines having a max of 20 points

    Revision History Entry

    • In Process macro Developed to enter the Revision history
    • Automatically Calculates the Zone
    • Can Append to the existing revision history
    • Revisions level will be checked against Part meta data
    • Revisions entered at Prototype level are automated to the standard