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    We perform CFD simulations for:

    • Foam formation prediction inside storage tank of EPHS units.
    • Fuel filling process in filler pipes to reduce back splash effect.
    • Sloshing of fuel in tanks during sudden braking.
    • Heat transfer analysis inside fuel rail with heat exchanger.
    • Estimation of drag torque in clutch plate assemblies.
    • Estimation of drag and lift coefficients for truck bodies.
    • Truck cabin heating system studies
    • ...
    • Estimation of pressure drop inside cowl plenums.
    • Deicing simulation of windshields.
    • Evaluation of pressure drop in thermostat valves.
    • Designing vents in ECUs.
    • Lighting analysis for hot spot/fog-defog
    • Multiphase fluid flow (Vehicle Water fording and Fuel tank /Urea tank filling)