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    To have consistent quality supplies one has to ensure complete control over all the nodes in Supply chain and vendors / suppliers are the key stakeholders.

    To develop supplier/Vendor It’s important to manage them effectively by:

    • Continuous evaluation
    • Faster product development
    • Managing and mitigating supply risks
    • Increased supplier engagement
    • Manage quality initiatives

    Vendor / Supplier Development Services:

    We ensure smooth transition to new vendor through our experienced team & processes. We provide these services through our established model to meet the objective. The in house developed frameworks for vendor development emphasis on development of vendors who work in close association as partners.

    Vendors / Suppliers Evaluation Services:

    These services are provided to serve our customers on continuous basis working in tandem with their procurement team for regular monitoring of vendors / suppliers on key factors Quality, Delivery and delivering improvement plans as per the need of the organization.

    Product / Commodity Inspection Services:

    Provide customer with capable supplier that ensures material delivery as per agreed quality, quantity, packing, and as per schedule.

    To identify the right supplier is one thing, the other one is to train and develop the supplier, to get the right parts and to establish a reliable production process.

    Satven will work with you to identify the products or services that can be successfully sourced globally. In developing a “roadmap for success,” Satven will help determine the success metrics, conduct an initial business assessment of potential suppliers or partners, and then recommend the most suitable supplier. We strive to make sure that suppliers are able to meet the milestones and timetables that you set.


    Satven will work with your project leaders to ensure a successful product development process. Whether you decide to source or partner. Satven will liaison and transfer knowledge between you and your supplier throughout the entire process. At the end of Satven’s engagement, the supplier will provide you with a successful product that meets all your Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) criteria. All factors including quality, delivery, and packaging risks will be considered to provide a high quality product at cost and on time while conforming to International standards for performance.


    Following the completion of supplier development services, Satven can provide product containment services until you are confident of a supplier’s quality.



    We have the data, tools and capabilities to help

    • Help in developing or improving an effective business-driven sourcing strategy.
    • Evaluation and selection of right vendors and service delivery models
    • Assess and develop effective governance and relationship management.
    • Assessing and negotiating high-performing contracts.
    • Measure progress and adapt to change.
    • Benchmark current data to current industry standards, as to maximize value return.