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    Company Overview Company Overview

    Reverse engineering is necessitated when analyzing the competitor products for functional aspects, and also when physical parts are the only means of developing product definitions. It is also used when developing new concepts from clay models. Satven had developed competencies in doing CAD modeling while maintaining the requisite accuracy based on the product type. Satven has a set of proven vendors for doing the scanning of physical components / assembly.

    Software Tools & Scanning Methods

    Satven also uses a variety of software tools for reverse engineering

    • Catia V5
    • I-Deas
    • Imageware, and
    • Polyworks

    Satven has experience in various types of scanning methods such as:

    • Contact type CMM machines
    • Non-contact type laser scanners
    • White light scanners

    Where it can be used

    • When developing new products based on clay models
    • In conjunction with competitive benchmarking
    • When evaluating the performance of products based on physical samples

    Brake housing model development

    • Automotive Reverse engineering