Ramadan Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad & Chennai

Ramadan Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad & Chennai

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Iftar parties were organized for Satven associates in Hyderabad and Chennai on the 17th of April 2023.

Our associates followed the tradition of breaking their fast by offering prayers in the evening and sipping water and relishing the dry fruits.

Our CEO addressed the group by wishing them Happy Ramadan in advance and wished for their happiness and wellbeing. Our associates also spoke about the importance of Ramadan and highlighted the importance of “Fasting” as one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

Associates had a fabulous treat on the occasion and got to taste a spread of delicacies along with Haleem which was specially prepared for the occasion.

Wishing everyone prosperous and peaceful times ahead!

Ramadan 2023 Celebrations - Satven Hyderabad

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Zumba Session at Satven Hyderabad

Zumba Session at Satven HQ

With a catchy tag line “ Zumba, is Fun, is Fitness”, a Zumba session was conducted on the 14th of April at our 5th floor canteen. A team of professional Zumba trainers were at hand to teach the tips of the trade as our associates danced away to some peppy numbers. Associates tried to discover health and happiness in a fun, easy way.

Zumba Session at Satven Hyderabad

Sankranthi 2023 Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad

Sankranthi 2023 Celebrations at Satven HQ

The first festival of 2023, Makar Sankranti, the Indian festival of ‘thanksgiving to nature’, was celebrated in Satven’s Hyderabad premises on the 12th of January 2023

Women associates of Satven decorated 3rd floor areas with colorful rangoli depicting Sankranti festivities. A rangoli competition was conducted among the associates. The top three winners were also rewarded. In addition, as the day was earmarked as “Ethnic Day”, several associates turned up to work in traditional attire. The day had a thrilling finish with several teams vying for top honors in the kite festival held on the fifth floor terrace.

We bring select pictures from this exhilarating day. As can be noted, Satvenites marked the arrival of spring with much enthusiasm and gusto. In keeping with the occasion, traditional food was served in our canteen.

Sankranthi 2023 Celebrations - Satven Hyderabad

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Christmas 2022 Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad

Christmas 2022 Celebrations at Satven HQ

In keeping with Satven’s tradition of celebrating major festivals, an event was held on the 15th of December to mark Christmas in our Hyderabad office terrace with associates joining in virtually from global locations.

Pastor Arun from the Life Changing Revival Center along with a team of singers performed at the event. Our CEO briefed the gathering about our future plans and thanked everyone for their invaluable contributions. The event was streamed live and BDMs from Germany and Japan addressed the associates.

Cake cutting was followed by cultural events, including foot-tapping songs and fast-passed dance sequences by talented associates! We thank our Commercial and Admin head, Venkatesh C for his vote of thanks towards the end of this memorable event. We hope you enjoy the pictures from this event as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Christmas 2022 Celebrations - Satven Hyderabad

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Vanabhojanalu Family Event at Satven HQ

Vanabhojanalu Family Event at Satven Hyderabad

Kudos to the Satven gang in Hyderabad for an extremely successful Vanabhojanalu family event that was held on the 12th of November in Trance Greenfields resorts. Hats off to the volunteers of various committees such as transport, culture, food, safety for their hard yakka for several days leading up to the event. The passion and enthusiasm with which they wanted to ensure the success of the event was heart-warming to see.

During the event itself, the traditional lighting of lamp in the morning was followed by various games to engage the gathering of nearly 1000 people. Horses and camels were also deployed for the kids to enjoy fun rides around the venue. The external emcee kept people engrossed well into the afternoon. Tents in which face painting, pot making, and other activities were facilitated were buzzing with people.

The post-lunch session saw short speeches by our leaders on the importance of family in the career advancement of our associates. A quiz specially designed for fresh graduates was also held by Srinivas R (CFO) followed by various cultural performances.

Congratulations once again to Team Hyderabad. We are looking forward to seeing more such event in various cities in the new year.

Vanabhojanalu Family Event - Satven Hyderabad

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Walking Together – “Nature Connect” – Satven Initiative

Walking Together – “Nature Connect” – Satven Initiative

At Satven, we ardently believe in Wellness before Business. We have enabled a new initiative “Walking Together / Nature Connect” for our Hyderabad-based associates. The objective is to connect in person with colleagues as well as nature and to spend quality time on non-work related topics. All this with a view to invigorating oneself by increasing connection to nature and increasing bonding and togetherness.

We express our profound thanks to associates who joined the three nature-connect sessions that we have had in recent times.

Satven team organized ‘Walking Together’ initiative with the management team conducting walking sessions in KBR Park in Hyderabad on 9th and 20th Sep’22. This is an initiative towards associate health & wellness and to connect to management team in-person. This is being planned to done once every quarter.

Walking together - Satven Initiative

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Soft skills Training Program – Hyderabad / Chennai

Soft skills Training Program – Hyderabad / Chennai

We had a packed soft skills training programs schedule for our fresh graduates in the month of September 2022 in Chennai and Hyderabad locations covering about 75 associates.

• Over 3 days, participants were trained on email writing, verbal introductions, and body language, to name a few topics.

• The session on customer orientation covered relationship building, understanding customer needs, handling complaints, and delivering top-of-the-line value added customer service,.

• The personal grooming module covered topics such as professional dressing, grooming standards, the relationship between personal appearance and image, and so on.

In the business etiquette session, topics covered included telephone etiquette, how to behave outside of the workplace, communicating with people of different cultures, how to make a great first impression, and so on.

Soft Skills Training in Hyderabad / Chennai

Diwali Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad – 2022

Diwali Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad – 2022

The mother of all Indian festivals, the festival of lights and color, was celebrated with much passion by our Hyderabad-based associates – team gatherings, ramp-walks, new clothes, special treats, and meals were all part of the festivities.

The ramp-walk presented a lovely opportunity to showcase one’s modelling skills as the 5th floor pantry was used as a catwalk with plenty in attendance to cheer the models. The top three female and male models were decorated with prizes.

Diwali Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad

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Dussehra / Bathukamma Celebrations at Satven HQ

Dussehra / Bathukamma Celebrations at Satven HQ

The Dussehra Festival was celebrated in our Hyderabad office with much enthusiasm and participation from everyone. As is customary, color codes were followed during the nine days of Dussehra and the pictures presented here speak for themselves when it comes to bringing out the festival fever.

And the fervor with which the local festival Bathukamma (the floral festival of Telengana) was celebrated was no less than the ardor and zeal with which Dussehra was celebrated in Satven. In keeping with tradition, women folk made the Bathukamma icon with flowers, danced around in circles before sundown, and subsequently carried the icon to the nearest lake for submersion.

Dussehra / Bathukamma Celebrations at Satven HQ

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NASSCOM Design & Engineering Summit 2022

NASSCOM Design & Engineering Summit – September 12 – 14, at Hotel Taj Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore.


The engineering sector is growing exponentially, with a lot of focus on collaborative innovation to build sustainable solutions for a better future.

With the theme of ‘Designing a Sustainable, Connected Future’, the 14th NASSCOM Design & Engineering Summit celebrated the success of the global engineering & design ecosystem. This two-day hybrid summit (in-person and virtual) focused on sustainability, innovation, hyper connectivity and the future of engineering.

Satven was the Speaker Lounge Sponsor at this summit, that was held from the 12th to 14th of Sep. 2022, at Hotel Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. Satven had also set up virtual and physical stalls to showcase our engineering capabilities and services offered to the global auto industry.

The summit was very well received by the delegates, sponsors, and speakers. Bringing the entire ER&D ecosystem together gave the delegates many memorable and insightful sessions and talks.

Several delegates from Satven participated in person.

nasscom design&engineering summit 2022

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