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    Automotive Engineering Change Management

    The Engineering Change Management process is the process of requesting, determining attainability, planning, implementing, and evaluating of changes to an Engineering Product. It has two main goals:

    • Enabling a systematic and controlled process of change.
    • Enabling traceability of changes, which should be possible through proper execution of the process.

    There are six main activities, which jointly form the change management process. They are: Identify potential change, Analyze change request, Evaluate change, Plan change, Implement change and Review & close change.


    These six activities/ phases are virtually integrated by a Configuration Manager who manages the change packets across various functions of the organization like Design, Mfg, Purchase, Marketing, etc.

    Satven, by virtue of its presence in the Product Life Cycle Mgmt of the customer products, has been a front runner to take ownership of the entire process for its customers. Not only do we actively participate in all phases, we have also helped our customers to handle the configuration mgmt part which is an inseparable part of ECM. The prime enablers have been:

    • Presence of all the important CAD softwares like ProE, Catia V5, UG-NX, etc
    • Product/CAD Data Management Software like Work Manager, Windchill, PDMLink, ProIntralink, VPM to name a few.
    • The seamless integration of our network with the customer network across WAN.

    Customer Benefits

    • Virtual running of the EC process from remote location.
    • Frees up the designers at customer's end to focus on value added activities.
    • Since the product design activities are going on at our center, quick access to concerned models/ drawings to complete the changes quicker.
    • Focus on completing the changes before the EC reaches the implementation phase. This leads to substantial cycle time reduction.
    • CM activity can also be carried out remotely from offshore for all their global centers thus offering a 24X7 processing ability.
    Automotive Engineering Change Management