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    Product development process involves integration of knowledge acquired in various forms. In any organization engaged in product development, knowledge resides in various formats spanned over numerous processes. Knowledge-based engineering provides structured approach to locate these sources, capture, define and implement the knowledge in product development lifecycle at appropriate phases.

    KBE in its evolved form is basis of knowledge models. Traditional Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems used in product design and development activities provide enhanced interfaces to capture design knowledge. Sequential programming and Object oriented programming are two main methods being followed in achieving the same.

    Satven has required competences and resources is providing support to its customers in KBE implementation steps-

    • Capturing the knowledge from various organizational sources
    • Structure it in organizational process through definition of rules
    • Formalize the design rules in the design procedures
    • Implement these design rules in product lifecycle through proprietary formats as per customer specific requirements (e.g. Siemens, CATIA etc.)

    KBE has helped Satven’s customers in reducing the costs and product development timelines by automation, consistency in product quality, re-use of knowledge and improved integration of CAD systems in design of products. Satven’s service offerings in KBE include providing onsite expert consultants or development and implementation of KBE projects as per customer’s needs.