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    Moldflow Analysis

    It is a plastic injection molding simulation software which provides tools that help manufacturers validate and optimize the design of plastic parts and injection molds by accurately predicting the plastic injection molding process.


    • To perform 1. Flow 2. Cool & 3. Warp analysis
    • To study the Filling Pattern, Analyze Warpage & Cooling Layout.

    The software guides designers, mold makers, and engineers through simulation setup and results interpretation to show how changes to wall thickness, gate location, material, and geometry affect manufacturability. Simulating the injection molding process reduces the need for costly physical prototypes, avoids potential manufacturing defects and helps deliver innovative products to market faster.


    Mold flow simulation has become a lot more accurate and accessible than it used to be.

    More importantly, mold flow simulation should be considered a necessity in any new project so that time, cost and quality requirements can be achieved. There is nothing worse than not delivering a product to market on time because someone wanted to save a few dollars. You can send us all CAD drafting files and we will convert and import to our MoldFlow Software.