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    Walking Together - "Nature Connect" - Satven Initiative

    Posted by Admin, Wednesday, September 21, 2022

    Walking Together – “Nature Connect” – Satven Initiative

    At Satven, we ardently believe in Wellness before Business. We have enabled a new initiative “Walking Together / Nature Connect” for our Hyderabad-based associates. The objective is to connect in person with colleagues as well as nature and to spend quality time on non-work related topics. All this with a view to invigorating oneself by increasing connection to nature and increasing bonding and togetherness.

    We express our profound thanks to associates who joined the three nature-connect sessions that we have had in recent times.

    Satven team organized ‘Walking Together’ initiative with the management team conducting walking sessions in KBR Park in Hyderabad on 9th and 20th Sep’22. This is an initiative towards associate health & wellness and to connect to management team in-person. This is being planned to done once every quarter.

    Walking together - Satven Initiative

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