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    Vanabhojanalu Family Event at Satven HQ

    Posted by Admin, Monday, November 14, 2022

    Vanabhojanalu Family Event at Satven Hyderabad

    Kudos to the Satven gang in Hyderabad for an extremely successful Vanabhojanalu family event that was held on the 12th of November in Trance Greenfields resorts. Hats off to the volunteers of various committees such as transport, culture, food, safety for their hard yakka for several days leading up to the event. The passion and enthusiasm with which they wanted to ensure the success of the event was heart-warming to see.

    During the event itself, the traditional lighting of lamp in the morning was followed by various games to engage the gathering of nearly 1000 people. Horses and camels were also deployed for the kids to enjoy fun rides around the venue. The external emcee kept people engrossed well into the afternoon. Tents in which face painting, pot making, and other activities were facilitated were buzzing with people.

    The post-lunch session saw short speeches by our leaders on the importance of family in the career advancement of our associates. A quiz specially designed for fresh graduates was also held by Srinivas R (CFO) followed by various cultural performances.

    Congratulations once again to Team Hyderabad. We are looking forward to seeing more such event in various cities in the new year.

    Vanabhojanalu Family Event - Satven Hyderabad

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