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    SETC Japan - 2019

    Posted by Admin, Thursday, November 21, 2019

    SETC (Small Engine Technology Conference) 2019

    SETC (Small Engine Technology Conference) 2019 conference was held, during 19th to 21st November 2019, in Hiroshima, Japan.

    The theme of the conference was: Small Powertrains – Innovating for their Future Role.

    The product categories in focus at this conference were related to personal mobility vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and their propulsion systems like motors and engines.

    Multiple Technological areas including New Energy Sources, Components and Materials were in focus at this conference. Plenary sessions, paper & poster presentations and symposium were attended by large number of delegates from industries and academia.

    Contrary to the dominant belief that IC engine will soon be replaced by other forms of propulsion systems, SETC had come out with the possibility of a good future for conventional engines / vehicles. And that there is deep research underway to project IC engine technologies that are competitive to EV in terms of emissions.

    Other argument that was put forth in the conference was that the emissions from EV, considering the complete cycle, consisting of battery manufacturing, energy generation and application in vehicle, are same or higher compared to IC engines.

    Satven had setup a stall at the symposium which attracted many delegates who were keen to know more about the solutions Satven has to offer to the auto industry.

    Satven team consisting of Mr Srivasulu Nampally and Mr Raghunath Sakray attended the SETC conference.

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