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    Posted by Admin, Friday, October 27, 2017

    Hypertension – A reason to be on red alert

    Satven held a detailed session on Hypertension in SP Info City, Chennai, for the benefit of the associates. As many as 30 associates participated. The session was organized by Dr. Reddy’s Foundation on 27th October from 2pm to 3pm.

    Doctors from Yashoda Hospitals visited Satven Hyderabad on 31st October and offered medical checkup to all associates. The tests, included Body Mass Index, blood sugar test, BP, and consultation on cardiac health. They also offered customized consultation for other prevalent problems in today’s times such as Vitamin D deficiency and anemia. As many as 245 members participated in the consultation session and benefited from it.

      Greenpeace engages with Satven associates

      Greenpeace India, an organization working towards spreading environment awareness, visited Satven Hyderabad on 2nd November.

        The organization’s volunteers spoke about food wastage and they taught the associates a simple, systematic way called ‘Khamba’ that turns kitchen waste into manure at homes. The volunteers shared virtual reality presentations and engaged in a direct dialogue with associates.

      Recently, the international NGO launched a campaign called ‘Waste Segregation’, so they also touched upon the topic. The topic is particularly important because organic waste which can be useful as manure will end up in various landfills in the city when not segregated well.

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