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    Satven Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021 on Electric Vehicle

    Posted by Admin, Thursday, September 16, 2021


    Satven Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021
    Electric Vehicle: Development of Cutting-edge Technology

    [Online] 2021.09.16(Thursday)

    Satven, Japan has held its second webinar under the title “Satven Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021” on 16th Sep, 2021. The topic chosen for the second webinar is on latest and contemporary topic of “Electric Vehicle: Development of Cutting –Edge Technologies”. The Webinar was attended by Senior Leaders and Managers from automotive OEMs & Tier 1 companies from around the world. Around 60 participants spent around 100 mins. While Satven presented its approach to this latest trend in technology.

    The Monozukuri Innovation Webinar 2021 Series is focussed on introducing the 3-Box Innovation approach to technology adopted by Satven to drive the ever changing needs and requirements in the automotive industry and will feature different topics among advanced segments including Artificial Intelligence, EV related Cutting-edge Technologies, ADAS, Digital Manufacturing, Model Based Development and more.

    Satven had the honour of hosting Guest Speaker from Kagawa University, Specially Appointed Professor Tetsuro Butsuen, representing Center for Education in Graduate Studies, who lectured on EV Trends for the traction motor technology, EV History and Status-quo towards CARBON NEUTRAL, EV Platform Introduction –Skateboard Structure, EV Present & Future of the Motor. 

    The second speaker, Mr. Siva Subramanian, Program Manager, talked about the Benchmarking of PHEV Battery Pack Cost Competitiveness. He went on to explain Benchmarking of PHEV Motor Cost Competitiveness & Value Propositions made in the EV domain

    Following on, Mr. Ravikumar Poddili , Team Leader, CFD Team  talked about Battery Thermal Management and presented various perspectives of 1D & 3D Simulations which was well received by the participants in the Webinar. Finally, there was a lively Q&A session.

    In the opening and closing remarks made by Industry Academia Coordinator Ms. Yukiko Shinozuka, Industry – Academia Coordinator, Satven, Japan who brought out the importance of organizing series of Monozukuri Innovation Webinar in connecting with automotive leadership teams  and the  communication among them will be very important to help facilitate business relationships.

    Ms. Rie Nagamura, Business Development Executive, Satven, Japan has actively supported in the organising of the seminar by inviting potential participants and Japanese content preparation and management.

    The next webinar of Monozukuri series is planned on Digital Manufacturing in Automotive Industry during 1st Week of Nov 2021

    Commemorative photographs of the event are below:


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