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    Satven Japan Associates Outing

    Posted by Admin, Saturday, November 18, 2017

    On November 18th, a team of 45 Satven Japan associates and their families embarked on a trip to Akiota, a small and lovely town, close to Hiroshima. On their way to the town, they passed through some calm and beautiful woods before they visited a group of therapists.

    The clinic was amidst Trees Trail at Mt Osorakan Forest. The spa treatments helped them come out rejuvenated and more at peace with the surroundings.

    They also availed Shinrin Therapy which is called ‘forest bathing’. The treatment improves ones nervous system and general well-being.
      There after the associates and their families were engaged in some fun filled games and sports. Several of them had fun taking to the Zip Line Adventure, zipping happily down the hill amidst lush green trees.
      The trip was made more special with the presence of our CEO Mr Rao S. Vadlamudi, who spent good time with the associates and their families. CEO had presented performance awards for select associates for their performance in the last quarter.

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