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    Safe Roads India Summit 2017

    Posted by Admin, Wednesday, November 22, 2017

      The first Safe Roads India Summit 2017 was a 2-day event dedicated to all aspects of road safety in India. This summit was an initiative of Mercedes-Benz India. This was held in New Delhi on 22 & 23 November. Child safety on Indian roads was selected as the core theme of this summit.

    The summit attracted experienced safety professionals from around the world, who explained in detail myriad concepts and ideas on how harm to road users, especially children, can be prevented on Indian roads. Numerous expert lectures on vehicle technology, road infrastructure, and road user behaviour detailed the latest advances for making roads safer for everyone.

      In the Expert lectures session, Devendra Kumar P from Satven’s safety team presented a paper on “CHILD SAFETY ON INDIAN ROADS”. His presentation focused on the following:
  • Need for child safety measures on Indian Roads with statistical evidence
  • Limitations and challenges when it comes to child safety in India
  • Child road safety measures from three different perspectives (vehicle, human, and infrastructure).

    • We also had Balaji Perumalla from Satven’s safety team presenting a paper on “An approach to avoid passengers’ head injury during sudden acceleration and braking in buses”.
    Some salient points:
  • Statistics, challenges, technological advancements, and causes of injuries during sudden acceleration and braking in buses
  • Head rest designs to eliminate or minimize injuries to bus passengers (in conventional as well as recliner seats).
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