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    SAE WCX 2024 - Detroit, Michigan

    Posted by Admin, Friday, April 19, 2024

    SAE WCX 2024 – Detroit, Michigan

    The SAE World Congress Experience (WCX) is a premier Automotive Engineering event showcasing innovation and collaboration. Here is the summary of exhibitors, learning labs, and presentations from SAE WCX 2024.

    The SAE WCX event was held at the Huntington Place – Detroit from April 16th to April 18th 2024. It was a premier Automotive Engineering event where professionals gathered to discuss the latest advancements in mobility, including vehicle technology, safety, sustainability, and innovation. The event typically featured a wide range of activities, including technical sessions, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and exhibits, all focused on advancing the field of mobility engineering. It provided valuable networking opportunities and insights into emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of mobility.

    At SAE WCX 2024, Satven made a resounding impact, showcasing it’s prowess in automotive technology and engineering excellence. The Satven booth served as a dynamic hub of innovation, attracting industry leaders, enthusiasts, and professionals eager to witness the latest advancements.

    Through engaging demonstrations, interactive displays, and insightful presentations, Satven highlighted it’s cutting-edge solutions across various automotive domains. From advanced driver assistance systems to electrification and vehicle connectivity, Satven demonstrated it’s commitment to shaping the future of mobility.

    Mr. Sreedhar Thippireddy, Mr. Navin Gundlur, Mr. RamSudhakar P, Mr. Murali Daruri, Mr. Janardhan T and Mr. Sridhar Bhaskar represented Satven at this event.

    SAE WCX 2024 - Detroit, Michigan

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