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    Ramadan Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad & Chennai

    Posted by Admin, Monday, April 17, 2023

    Ramadan Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad & Chennai

    On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Iftar parties were organized for Satven associates in Hyderabad and Chennai on the 17th of April 2023.

    Our associates followed the tradition of breaking their fast by offering prayers in the evening and sipping water and relishing the dry fruits.

    Our CEO addressed the group by wishing them Happy Ramadan in advance and wished for their happiness and wellbeing. Our associates also spoke about the importance of Ramadan and highlighted the importance of “Fasting” as one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

    Associates had a fabulous treat on the occasion and got to taste a spread of delicacies along with Haleem which was specially prepared for the occasion.

    Wishing everyone prosperous and peaceful times ahead!

    Ramadan 2023 Celebrations - Satven Hyderabad

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