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    Innovation Workshop in Germany

    Posted by Admin, Friday, October 21, 2016

    With a view to future proofing our organization, we at Satven have been taking up several initiatives to foster the culture of innovation. One such initiative is conducting innovation workshops & related events every month.
      We have already conducted two “Innovation Days” in Hyderabad (end of August & end of September 2016). Both events saw an overwhelming response from our associates.
    We have since started extending this to other global locations. . Venkat Yenduri (who has been leading this initiative along with Siva Subramanian) was in our offsite center in Munich on October 21 2016, to conduct the first German “Innovation Day”.

    Venkat provided insights into sources of innovation, design thinking, innovation frameworks such as Business Canvas Model, Customer Development & Customer Discover. They also encouraged associates to come up with ideas to future proof our organization. The response was overwhelming & several ideas were generated for subsequent review by the Innovation Committee.

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