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    IGNIZIO 2018!

    Posted by Admin, Saturday, February 3, 2018

    Satven had completed 18 years of engineering excellence and outstanding service to the global automotive industry. Satven had celebrated that milestone by organizing town-hall meetings and outdoor events across various locations in India and abroad, during early February2018.
      Satvenites in Chennai and the Management team had come together for a two day celebration on 3rd & 4th February, in Ocean Spray Resorts, located on the outskirts of Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu.
    The setting was so perfect for the large gathering of around 400 associates, that they had completely got immersed in the colourful events, performances and receiving awards, appreciations and gifts and not to forget the food and drinks that kept them energetic all through their stay at the resort.

    After the ceremonial event a huge cake was cut to commemorate the 18th anniversary celebrations.

    It was a sight to behold, when so many young and enthusiastic young men and women come together with their unique attitudes and colours, display their abilities and keep you mesmerised by their performances!

      Earlier during the day CEO Mr. Rao and the Leadership team had briefed the gathering on the Satven journey since inception in the year 2000 and also shared the future growth plans of Satven.
    A beautiful memento of Lord Shri Venkateshwara of Tirumala was presented by the team to our CEO.
      The ‘Team Of the Quarter’ awards were given to 16 teams comprising of several associates in each team. These awards were given for the outstanding performance / contribution of the teams, to the customer projects and appreciated by the customers and management.
    In the evening the stage was set on fire with dances and glimpses of heavenly music with some medley and unplugged performances by the Satven music band. The mime with a social cause and the Ignizio performance with many associates taking part in the show were memorable. The humorous Dubsmashes, the video trolls, the futuristic robot dance and the third edition of the Satven Fashion Walk by Satven fashionistas are some of the highlights of the evening events.
      The night was young, as can be expected, when so many young and energetic men and women get together. They partied hard till late in the night, never for a moment wanting to let go that feeling of joy and togetherness.

    Next day was a beautiful Sunday. With the sun lazily rising above the Bay of Bengal, with its golden yellow light filling the early morning sky, we couldn’t ask for any more better sight, after a very eventful day and night.

    While several were lazing in their beds and many out enjoying their morning walk in the green settings of the resort, several other associates and management team had joined the Zoomba session that was conducted by a professional Zoomba trainer. And so Zoomba it was in the morning by 7AM for the fitness freaks!

    The Zoomba trainer got the team into the rhythm by making them practice to the funky tunes of some English and Bollywood music.

    After that several of them took a walk to the beautiful sea shore which is a stone’s throw away from the resort.
      Back again to the resort and after quick showers the team had a sumptuous breakfast and left the resort to yet another resort – ‘The Ideal Resort’, for lunch. After lunch the teams had their good byes and wowed to come back again the next year, with even more exciting and colourful performances.

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