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    Hiroshima University and Satyam Venture Agree to Second Phase (2022-2027) of Joint Research Collaboration

    Posted by Admin, Monday, August 1, 2022

    Prof. Dr.H. Tahara, Director (Vice President for Industry-Academia Collaboration) & Mr. P.V. Krishnakumar, Vice President, Satven.

    Recently, Satven successfully completed the 1st phase (2017-2022) of Joint Research partnership with HU through complementing competences, knowledge sharing, and mutual contribution on various advanced technologies, including Composite Materials (Srinivas Yellu & Team), Battery Energy Management System (Bala Jayanthi & Team) and other allied automotive industry topics.

    Satven congratulates and expresses gratitude to the in-house delivery and coordination team, Hiroshima University (Academia-Government-Industry Collaboration), and its academic counterparts who contributed with their time, effort, and insights towards the development of this strategic and long-term collaboration.

    The next phase of this partnership, dubbed ‘Joint Research Partnership 2.0 (2022-27)’ is expected to continue to bring industry-focused research and development to Satven and its customers to drive the fast-changing needs of the automotive industry and will feature different topics, including advanced ones such as Artificial Intelligence, cutting-edge EV technologies, CASE, ADAS, Digital Manufacturing, Model Based Development, and more.

    Hiroshima University and Satyam Venture Joint Research Collaboration

    • Hiroshima University and Satyam Venture
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    • Hiroshima University and Satyam Venture Joint Research
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