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    Ford Asian India Association (FAIA) Meet

    Posted by Admin, Wednesday, October 5, 2016

    The annual Ford Asian Indian Association (FAIA) Event, held in October 2016, at the Ford Performing Arts Center, was attended by Ford employees, senior executives and suppliers. FAIA celebrated its 20th year with its deep-rooted commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within Ford Motor Company.

    “Ford’s Transformation to Mobility & Automotive Business” was the theme of the annual FAIA event.

    Mark Fields, President and CEO was the special guest for the evening. Raj Nair EVP & CTO, presented the keynote address and talked about the four important megatrends which are driving our thinking around mobility and the enablers. He also shared some of the enabling technologies that convinced the employees that now is absolutely the right time to transition from being just an auto company to being an auto AND mobility company.

      SATVEN is proud to be associated with FAIA and sponsored for the FAIA T-Shirt commemorating the 20th anniversary of FAIA.

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