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    FISITA - World Automotive Congress 2018

    Posted by Admin, Friday, October 5, 2018

    The 37th edition of the FISITA World Automotive Congress 2018 was held in Chennai between 2nd ~ 5th OCT 32018, at Chennai Trade Center. The FISITA 2018 theme was:

    Disruptive Technologies for Affordable and Sustainable Mobility.

      It was a forum for industry experts, executives and engineers to exchange ideas and discuss the trends that drive the automotive industry forward.

      Several major global auto OEMs, Tier-I & II suppliers and several professionals from industry and academia, students and automotive enthusiasts had come together and benefited from the 4 days interactions, exhibitions and presentations by global leaders of the auto industry.

      Apart from the plenary sessions in the main hall, there were another 10 halls earmarked for parallel presentations on all three days on wide variety of topics such as:

    • Connected Cars, Autonomous Mobility Solutions, Bio-Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, ADAS, Electric Power Train; Ride, Comfort and Handling; Fuel Economy, Advanced Transmission Technologies, xEV technologies, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Frugal Engineering Design, Automotive Safety, Human Behavior in Transportation, PowerTrain NVH, etc.
      • Satven had setup a booth at this prestigious show. Several esteemed delegates from the automotive world had graciously visited the stall and were curious to know about the engineering solutions that Satven has to offer.
      Few among the several esteemed delegates who visited Satven stall are:
    • Hiroaki Okuchi San, Executive Vice President, TMC
    • Akihito Tanke San, Executive Advisor to President, TMC
    • Akito Tachibana San, who was Managing Director, TKM
    • Katsuhisa Idei San, Managing Coordinator, TKM
    • Jitendra Goyal San, General Manager, Product Development
    • Kosuke Taguchi San, General Manager, TDEM
    • T. K. Balaji, Managing Director, Delphi-TVS
    • Brian McMurray, Vice President, GM Tech Center
    • Anil Saini, Director, Design Studio, GM tech Center
    • Jayaraman Sivakumar, Director, GPS, GM Tech Center
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