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    Dussehra / Bathukamma Celebrations at Satven HQ

    Posted by Admin, Wednesday, October 5, 2022

    Dussehra / Bathukamma Celebrations at Satven Hyderabad

    The Dussehra Festival was celebrated in our Hyderabad office with much enthusiasm and participation from everyone. As is customary, color codes were followed during the nine days of Dussehra and the pictures presented here speak for themselves when it comes to bringing out the festival fever.

    And the fervor with which the local festival Bathukamma (the floral festival of Telangana) was celebrated was no less than the ardor and zeal with which Dussehra was celebrated in Satven. In keeping with tradition, women folk made the Bathukamma icon with flowers, danced around in circles before sundown, and subsequently carried the icon to the nearest lake for submersion.

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