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    Diwali Celebrations - 2017

    Posted by Admin, Tuesday, October 17, 2017

    On October 17, the ambience on the terrace of Satven Hyderabad was vibrant with music and dance. The festivities started early in the evening with popular Bollywood and Tollywood numbers, played by our own homegrown DJs at Satven. The associates danced to the music and till it is time for the fireworks to begin.
      The fireworks were started in style by our CEO Mr Rao S. Vadlamudi, who lit the first colourful rocket among the series of many rockets that lit the evening sky. The associates cheered as the rockets blew up high in the sky ending up in a beautiful visual of colourful sparks.
      Later the many associates joined the party by lighting the fire crackers one after the other. The festivities went on for few hours before more dance and music filled the air.

      All were treated to mouth watering snacks and sweets before leaving for the day.

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