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    3-Box Strategy Sessions

    Posted by Admin, Sunday, March 5, 2017

    3 Box Solution: A strategy for leading innovation

    Future proofed organizations work in parallel on the 3 horizons:-
  • Operational excellence
  • Search for growth
  • Creating the future
  • A 3-day workshop on our 3-Box model was held on March 5-7, 2017 in Dream Valley Resorts for our functional heads, business development managers, project managers, and a few other key associates. This is the third session in the series of workshops to make our organization future-ready.

    Prior to this, a one day session for Project Managers and Project Leaders was organised on March 4 at The Park, Hyderabad.
      In it, many business cases of how innovation can happen in an organization in a changing landscape were discussed.
    The 4-day training program on 3-Box framework was conducted by Prof Viren Lall and Mr Neil Marshall from Change School, a UK-based management consulting organization. The sessions included long-term strategies for better user experience involving the Box-3 model. How to work in cross functional teams to reach tangible milestones was a vital learning.

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