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    Satven at 2015 India Altair Technology Conference Series

    Posted by Admin, Tuesday, July 14, 2015

    Satven CAE Managers and BDMs attended this conference which was part of the global conference series organized by Altair. It brought together nearly 1000 CAE professionals to deliver their experiences/success through Altair’s suite of product solutions – Optistruct, RADIOSS, Motionsolve, Hypermesh, FEKO, VisSim, PBS Works and Simulation Cloud Solutions. Some enhancements that were highlighted:
    • “Solid Thinking Inspire” tool – this allows design engineers and product designers to quickly & easily investigate structurally efficient concepts.
    • Non-linear optimization
    • Launch of HyperWorks 14
    • Mobile app to enable users to connect to their High Computing servers
    Some future trends that were highlighted:
    • Electromagnetic simulations
    • Simulation cloud solutions

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