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    Water Dispencer

    Water Dispenser

    Satven is located in one of the busiest localities in Hyderabad. The sweltering heat during the summer months takes a real toll on people, what with the mercury touching even 45° C on some days. As these conditions exist from the middle of March till the end of June, Satven’s management came up with the idea of conducting Summer Water Camps aimed at providing clean drinking water to quench people’s thirst. The camps are held adjacent to Ashoka Bhoopal Chambers & have benefited myriad street vendors, pedestrians, auto drivers, bus drivers, police women & men and so on. This has been an annual feature for several summers now. Bottled drinking water is made available for a good part of the day for several weeks during the camp.

    The Satven WeCare team is also providing water dispensers to the Marwadi Hindi Vidyalaya School located in Secunderabad. Water bubbles are being provided on a regular basis.

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