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    Sahrudaya Sahaya

    Sahrudaya Sahaya

    Many Satvenites who are part of Sahrudaya Sahaya (a social service organization) are working closely with sight challenged individuals. During Diwali a workshop was conducted to skill up some of these individuals in making curvaceous paper gift boxes for candles. Due to the complexities involved, our volunteers decided to actually blindfold themselves to understand first-hand the difficulties that the visually challenged would face. They were thus able to come up with an appropriate multi-stage process which could be followed effortlessly by the trainees. Of course, being mechanical engineers, their knowledge of sheet metal manufacturing helped design this process.

    To give them further confidence & exposure, it was decided to let these individuals sell the boxes by themselves. It is also worth mentioning here that Satvenites picked them up like hot cakes when they went up for sale in our office premises in Hyderabad.

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