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    Blood Donation Camp

    Blood Donation Camp

    As part of our service to the society at large, Satven makes it a point to conduct blood donation camps on a periodic basis in collaboration with major hospitals.

    We at Satven always consider this to be an extremely special gift from one human being to another.

    The “Corporate Services” team and the “Satven We Care” team play an active part in conducting these camps. Each camp sees up to 100 units of blood being donated. Associates who donate blood are given a donor card in case they need blood in an emergency situation. We have conducted more than 15 blood donation camps since Satven’s inception.

    The most recent camp was held on November 27th, 2015. Dr. Anuradha, a renowned Hyderabad-based ophthalmologist inaugurated this camp and spoke about the immense role it plays in saving lives. She also gave valuable insights on caring for one’s eyes and ways to manage stress.

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