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    Autosar RTE Integrator (Job code: ZR_153_JOB)

    Operations | Hyderabad, India

    Job Title:


      Key Competencies Required:

      • Need AUTOSAR knowledge on the different ports, interfaces, and configurations.
      • Hands-on with OS Runnable configuration and NVM updates.
      • Hands-on with RTE configuration and source generation.
      • Hands-on with Davinci Configurator or equivalent.
      • Strong understanding of Compilation and linking processes. Debug skills to identify the route cause in case of build failure.
      • Very strong knowledge of version control systems (i.e., PTC integrity).
      • Good hands-on with build process (build configurations for Pre/Post-build steps and build setup to a new project)
      • Good Scripting (Batch/Python) knowledge to automate and debug the existing tools.
      • Knowledge to Analyze map files and Hex files. Required to find the anomalies in RAM/ROM usages.
      • Good to have integration test bench preparation. To perform basic tests before final delivery and support the development teams to identify the cause of failure during CI.

      Key Responsibilities:

      • Configure and generate RTE based on the Architecture inputs.
      • Configure various components into the version control system based on the inputs.
      • Build verification.
      • Perform confidence testing.

      Job Location:

      • Hyderabad


      • 3 to 8 Years

      Notice Period:

      • Only Short NP

      Send resume to: [email protected]

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