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Steering and Suspension


Worked on 30+ programs for Tier-1 suppliers in NA, EU and APAC

Design Scope

  • Design of various sub-systems of Suspension and Steering Linkage
  • Engineering Change Management, Test Fixture Design
  • Design Optimization and inertia relief analysis for control arms
  • Concept design and tolerance analysis
  • Specification management
  • Value Engineering
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • FMEA support
  • IMDS & REACh support


Steering gear, rack & pinion, linkage & suspension

Steering Systems

  • Simulation studies to identify life-limiting regions for various load scenarios such as torque to failure & road loads
  • Thermal and dynamic studies, including frequency response analyses
  • Detailed stress distribution studies on rack bending in scenarios such as curb push-off & 4-point bending
  • Field failure studies of housings & their redesign to withstand road loads
  • Collapse of steering column for driver’s safety (various test scenarios)
  • Topology optimization studies on column assembly for target frequencies
  • Stiffness studies of column assembly in all operable conditions
  • Studies on estimation of cam lever efforts
  • Optimization of retention clips and energy absorbing (EA) straps

Linkage & Suspension Systems

  • Topology optimization of Linkage & Suspension elements (control arms, tie rods and tension struts) for various target loads
  • Metal forming analysis for inner ball joints & stabilizing bars
  • Estimation of pull-out forces of ball pins
  • DoE studies for selection of optimum parameters for radial and axial stiffness
  • Fatigue life estimations on ball studs for radial loads
  • Assembly process and articulation of bellows and optimization of profiles