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    Body Control


    Worked on 20+ programs for Tier-1 suppliers in NA and EU

    Design Scope

    • Design of various mechanical sub-systems and components related to switches and control panels
    • Value Engineering to reduce product cost
    • Teardown and teardown board preparation
    • Competitive benchmarking
    • Product costing
    • Moldflow studies
    • Tolerance analysis


    IECP, Steering Column Control Modules, Switches, Actuators & so on


    • FE simulations for
      • Test correlations of abuse load cases for stalk lever assemblies.
      • Drop test for switch assemblies.
      • Snap insertion & extraction and knob rotation mechanisms.
      • Verification of multiple design variants for stalk-lever and switch assemblies.
      • Various structural and NVH load cases for Body Control products such as delivery locks, stalk levers, parking switches, & HVAC switches
    • CFD thermal simulations to design vents for ECUs.