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The ever increasing demand on the automobile industry to improve safety, driver and passenger comfort, connectivity and build environment friendly vehicles has given rise to dominance of electronics within the automobile.
    This trend of electronics and thereby the embedded systems penetration into the automobile engineering enables the engineers to build intelligence into the automotive mechanical systems.
    Added to the challenge of ever shrinking vehicle development timelines and cutting edge technological innovation happening in the auto industry, the increased use of electronics to build “intelligent mechanical systems” brings in its own challenges that increase the complexity for the automobile engineers.

The Model Based Design approach brings in the discipline and the ability to organizations seeking to manage complexity while staying innovative and competitive.

    Understanding this inherent need of the customers, Satven had established a Mechatronics Lab with test bench set up for development, analysis, testing and functional verification of various ECUs for automotive systems and sub-systems.

Satven Mechatronics Lab is equipped with VT Systems Hardware, MATLAB & Simulink software’s to support for Model Based design (MBD), validation and testing activities.

VT System hardware specifications:
  • CANoe -Creation and execution of simulation, communication analysis and testing
  • VN1610 CAN Network Interface USB-Interface (2 channels fix)
  • VT8012 -Backplane with 12 slots for VT System modules
  • VT2004A -Stimulus module of VT System for 4 ECU input channels
  • VT1004A -Load and measurement module of VT System for 4 ECU’s VT2816 -Analog I/O module of VT System
  • VT2820 -Relay module of VT System
  • VT2848 -Digital I/O module of VT System
  • Software specifications:

  • MATLAB Coder
  • MATLAB Report Generator
  • Simulink
  • Simulink Test Manager
  • Simulink Coder
  • State flow
  • Solutions to various automotive applications:

  • Green Vehicles
  • Powertarin
  • Chassis and Safety Systems
  • Infotainment and driver information
  • Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)
  • Lighting, etc.
  • Satven Service offerings in Mechatronics area are:

  • Model Based Design (MBD)
  • Hardware design for automotive domain ECU
  • Schematic capture (circuit design)
  • Firmware & Application software development
  • PCB layout design
  • Prototype board development & HIL testing
  • End-to-end ECU design & development for automotive applications

    MBD Approach