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Powertrain and Exhaust


Worked on 10+ programs for OEMs & Tier-1 suppliers in NA and EU

Design Scope

  • Development of automated tools for design of propeller shaft
  • Modeling of various Power train & turbo charge components
  • Design of thermostats and baffles for powertrain applications
  • Benchmarking of fuel rails
  • Tolerance analysis of clutch assemblies
  • Teardown and value engineering support for engines, gear boxes and other assemblies
  • Design of exhaust system components


Engine, transmission, clutch, turbo charge and exhaust


Engine & Transmission


  • Bore distortion analyses for engine cylinders
  • Simulations to determine the contact pressure distribution and contact separation at sealing interfaces subject to bolt clamping loads and internal pressures
  • Topology and shape optimization of transmission housings for various loading conditions
  • Optimization studies to reduce the weight of transmission components.


  • In-cylinder flow studies, Intake/Exhaust manifold flow and thermal analysis, EGR flow study, Catalytic converter (SCR), Secondary air injection system analysis

Exhaust Systems


  • Dynamic response studies and correlations with test data
  • Studies involving circular bending moment, bad road, and self-weight
  • Forming simulations ,Acoustic analysis ,Thermo-mechanical simulations


  • Inlet Pipe & cone optimization, improvement of flow distribution around sensors
  • Flow & temperature distribution studies inside Urea Injector Pipes
  • Study of flow distribution & estimation of mixing characteristics of urea with exhaust system
  • Study of thermal distribution on outer shells, estimation of HTC
  • Study of velocity, pressure & flow distribution in closed-coupled catalysts
  • Estimation of uniformity index, pressure losses, and mass distribution