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Worked on 30+ programs for Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs in NA, EU, and Japan


  • Development of 3D geometry including B-surface, attachment/assembly features and GD&T drawings from Class-A surface from OEM
  • Statutory studies – Head impact study & Veiling glare index study
  • Development of fit & finish sections
  • 3D tolerance analysis for gap & flush requirement
  • Reverse engineering – development of surfaces from scan data
  • Moldflow studies
  • Tool & fixture design – injection molds, assembly fixtures and inspection fixtures


IP, Door trims, Pillar trims, Console, Front & Rear bumpers, Fascia



  • Durability simulations on door trims
  • Determination of snap insertion & extraction forces and rigidity analysis involving hard trims
  • Durability & rigidity simulations of armrest, recliner handle, seat height adjuster and DFSS studies with design enablers
  • Modal analysis, thermal analysis, & durability simulations on IP & glove box
  • IP head impact studies & knee impact studies (as per FMVSS 208)
  • Modal analysis & rigidity analysis of console assemblies as per OEM & supplier DVPs
  • FMVSS 201 & FMVSS 201U analyses involving instrumental panels, headliner, upper trims & lower trims
  • NVH analyses at component and sub-system level


  • HVAC unit analysis with/without cabin
  • Refrigerant leak assessment into passenger compartment
  • HVAC IP aiming studies on the passenger