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    Senior Software Engineer, USA (Job code: 21RR09047)

    Operations | Detroit, Michigan, USA


    • Develop software code for automotive switches and systems in C language
    • Develop software code for automotive switches and systems according to Marquardt programming rules
    • Communication in software team and software project leader of development status
    • Coaching and training other software engineers if needed


    • Design and develop software for new products and modify software for existing products.
    • Analyze and understand system requirements.
    • Develop software specifications based on system specifications and software architecture.
    • Serve as SW project leader for a complete software projects with little to no guidance.
    • Develop software in accordance with SEP requirements.
    • Perform module testing and integration testing of the software.
    • Participate in the development of Software/Electrical interface specifications.
    • Participate in large engineering projects by completing multiple tasks.
    • Work with the Marquardt SEP.
    • Develop and work with the PEP – process.
    • Provide coaching and training for other software engineers if needed.


    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering or related field.
    • 6+ years’ experience in embedded software development.
    • Working knowledge of automotive communication protocols such as CAN, LIN, etc.
    • Good knowledge of Doors, Dimensions and SEP.
    • Good knowledge of Matlab/Simulink toolchain.
    • Strong ability to use various software development tools and programming languages such as C, C#, and MATLAB.
    • Good ability in utilizing Oscilloscope, Meter, and Function Generator.
    • Strong understanding of microcontrollers and automotive embedded systems.
    • Strong understanding of hardware design and schematics


    • Bachelor degree in computer science or electronic engineering
    • Stronger management skills, including planning and organization, decision making, problem solving, and project management.
    • Stronger verbal communication skills, including group presentation.
    • Ability to prepare complex written reports and other documents.
    • Ability to comprehend complex verbal and written instructions

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